Frequently Asked Questions

  • What mailing address should I use to send documents or payments to Dr. Williams?

    Please use the San Jose address (2033 Gateway PL; Suite 500; San Jose, CA 95110) unless other arrangements have been approved by Dr. Williams.

  • Where is Dr. Williams located? I do not want to pay for travel time between Northern and Southern California

    Dr. Williams has offices in Northern and Southern California cities and meets with clients by appointment only. Dr. Williams will arrange to meet with you in the office that is most convenient. For all billing purposes, the office at which you meet with Dr. Williams will be considered Dr. Williams’ home base and will be used to calculate travel time to/from court.

  • In what states is Dr. Williams licensed to carry out evaluations or testify?

    In general, psychological testimony does not require state licensure, so Dr. Williams can provide standard of care testimony in all 50 states and abroad.

    However, psychological evaluations or other services delivered to clients do require licensure. Dr. Williams is licensed in California, Virginia and Washington. However, he also holds the Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate issued by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards. He has been approved to practice in Wisconsin, Texas, Nevada, Wyoming and elsewhere by prior arrangement with the state psychology board. Prior to retaining Dr. Williams for your case, he will determine his eligibility to carry out the services you need.

  • How can I be sure Dr. Williams will come to the conclusions I need?

    Dr. Williams evaluates individuals for fitness for duty, fitness to parent, extent of emotional damages, criminal sentence mitigation as well as for other legal purposes. Dr. Williams is paid in advance for his services. He makes every effort only to accept cases for which his services are relevant and beneficial. However, there is no guarantee that Dr. Williams’ conclusions will be favorable to the party retaining him. Dr. Williams carries out objective evaluations.

  • Does Dr. Williams carry out custody evaluations?

    At the present time, Dr. Williams evaluates individuals for “fitness to parent.” He does not carry out child custody evaluations

  • I am a student and would like Dr. Williams’ assistance with an assignment, or I am a recent graduate seeking an internship.

    Unfortunately, Dr. Williams receives a large number of requests from students seeking career advice or information regarding forensic psychology. Dr. Williams is unable to assist students with such requests. Dr. Williams has no internships available at present.